Alexis Benabou

Alexis Benabou

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First Name * Alexis
Last Name * Benabou
Username * Alxperiment
Country * France
City Paris



Alxperiment is an artist from Paris, France. After over a decade spent composing and playing various instruments in several "gothic" and "atmospheric metal" bands, he has returned to his original passion : drawing.

As a graphic designer, he was in charge of artworks for several albums. His work has most recently been featured in the deluxe edition of "Fear of a Unique Identity" by the UK band Antimatter. He also realised front cover's illustration for US magazine "Horror zine".

His creations are mostly based in horror, inspired by the great movies and books of the genre with a particular affinity for the universe of Lovecraft. His latest works have found him experimenting with a more realistic approach, but he is equally at ease using different styles within his macabre aesthetics.

These days, Alxperiment is hard at work trying to impose his vision in various endeavours: print, video games, concept art, illustrations, etc. all the while remaining open to any opportunity within the vast realm of horror in order to further his art.